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October 20th 2020

Good news Melbourne, we are coming out of lockdown! After what felt like forever, we are so pleased to announce the reopening of our Bridal Loft on the 2nd of November. All appointments will resume from this date and you can book here. We will follow the government's guidelines closely to ensure the safety of you and our staff. 

- Please limit to only 1 guest at your appointment if possible.

- You and your guest are required to provide contact details upon entry.

- We will be checking your temperature on arrival and ask you to sanitise your hands.

- Please ensure you and your guest are wearing a mask properly during your appointment.

- We will not be providing beverage during this time. 

We can not wait to welcome brides to our Bridal Loft again! 


September 18th 2020

Due to the government's stage 4 lock down in Victoria, our boutique is currently closed. According to the reopening road map, we are able to take bookings for in house and virtual appointments from October 26th. If you are wanting to book an appointment, please visit our booking page here. We can't wait to welcome our brides to the Bridal Loft again. CJ x.

August 4th 2020

Due to government restrictions in Victoria, we are temporarily closed for 6 weeks from Wednesday 5th of August. As we are in the retail and manufacturing sector, and non essential, the business will not be able to remain open.

This is really disappointing as we will have to pause some exciting projects we've been working on back of house, and remain close beyond our planned reopened date, which was September 1st.

Due to the regulations, we are unable to create dresses during this time. Rest assured we have planned for this uncertainty and existing orders have been scheduled ahead and won't be affected. If you have an appointment booked with us, you will be contacted shortly to reschedule. 

Needless to say this is a really tough time for the wedding industry. If you would like to support us, we have a beautiful range of botanical dyed products available via SHOP. (Online orders can still be fulfilled under restrictions with safety precautions in place) We will also be launching a collection of silk and cotton masks shortly, stay tuned on our socials. 

Stay safe everyone, we can do this!

CJ x

July 15th 2020

It is safe to say 2020 has been one very strange year! It has tested us in many ways, personally and professionally. 

In the last few months, we have pivoted our business to try and outsmart the situation. But the truth is, this is absolutely out of our control. And with Melbourne currently experiencing a second wave, we feel this decision is right. 

We have decided to put Cathleen Jia Bridal Loft in hibernation from NOW TO SEPTEMBER 1ST. I tried to think of clever ways to explain this but the truth is, she is going to sleep. Before anyone freak out, WE ARE NOT CLOSING FOR GOOD. No, no, no! We are simply letting her rest for a bit. Things around the world has been so crazy, in the last few months we tried so so hard every day to fight the situation. But the harder we tried, the more exhausted we got. If I have learnt anything in the last few years, it is to let go of your ego and be fluid. Somethings can't be forced. And what is going on right now is definitely out of my control.

The Cathleen Jia front of business will be closed. Brides who have a dress on order, have appointments booked already and our stockists, this does not affect you what so ever! We are simply scaling back to concentrate on the back end of the business, and also a few new projects I am so excited to work on. These projects were meant to take place March this year, plans have changed dramatically but it is time I give it the love it deserves. Giving back and doing more for marginalized women and the environment have always been something I am really passionate about. With Cathleen Jia scaling back, I will be embarking on this journey, while my team will be looking after all Cathleen Jia productions.


We won't be taking new appointments during this time, but you can always reach us or send us requests for virtual or in house appointments for dates after 1st of September.

Take care everyone, see you in Spring. And hopefully with the world in a much better place.

CJ x⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

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