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Seeker of uncomplicated elegance who marches to the beat of her own drum, the Cathleen Jia muse is authentic and understated. She embraces the natural beauty around her, appreciates the aesthetics of fine detail encapsulated with a personalized twist. She dreams of an intimate, romantic affair not bound by traditions, to celebrate her love story with cherished family and friends.

The daughter of a seamstress, Cathleen’s journey began from an early age, meticulously hand-stitching unique creations for her dolls. Her love for creating led her to pursue design at RMIT in Melbourne. As her love for fashion and design evolved, she discovered an affection for delicate fabrics, developing a tactile approach to design. Fortuitously she stepped into the world of bridal and was touched by the love stories unfolding around her. In 2012, the Cathleen Jia brand was born.

Romantic and sophisticated, Cathleen Jia is intuitively guided by the soft, delicate fluidity of silk, that conforms, moves, and accentuates the elegance of the body. The organic approach to design is elegant and timeless, encapsulating the authenticity in the wearer through our collection of minimal dresses, romantic tops and textured skirts. The belief that drama does not need to be loud is entrenched within the heart of the brand. With a keen eye for subtle details and effortless elegance, the pieces are wearable beyond the big day becoming a cherished heirloom that lasts forever.

“The art is in the simplicity and refined detail. I want to give you the poetic license to choreograph a look that is intrinsically yours.” – Cathleen Jia


With each piece handmade in house, our Melbourne bridal loft is the soul where design philosophy and conscious creation techniques are woven within. The devotion to eliminating wastage by hand cutting silks and meticulous detail application breathes life and romance into your modern-day bridal look.

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