Silk Headscarf- Soft Purples

Upgrade your headscarf game with this botanical dyed silk scarf. Add a touch of sophistication to your hair style with luxurious silks and unique colours from garden leaves and flowers. Versatile styling options and can be worn multiple ways, or just simply wrapped around your ponytail. Only one available, making this a truly special and keepsake piece.


The botanical silks range was born from our desire to be creative while further reducing textile wastes. We are so proud of our sustainable production process, but we always strive to do better. We adore the process of natural dyeing and what better way to promote this artistry than through creation of new and beautiful products.


Your support not only allow us to continue to breathe new life into our silk off cuts, but it also help us reduce wastes, resulting in one off luxury products our customers can treasure for life.

Silk Headscarf- Soft Purples

    • Made from 100% high quality silks rescued from our bridal ranges
    • Made in Melbourne
    • Hand dyed with natural dye from plants, flowers and leaves
    • Triangle shape- 39cm at the widest part x 90cm at the longest part


    Please note the Botanical Silks Range is handmade and hand dyed therefore there will be special characteristics such as dye creases, colour differences, slight measurement differences etc… Those characteristics are what makes these pieces so special and unique.

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