Vanessa & Jake October 2016

Imagine descending after a peaceful hot air balloon ride over the city with your fiancé to see family and friends holding letters that spelled out a proposal. This was how Vanessa and Jake romantically tied the knot.

Vanessa was like many brides I had seen before: not sure what she wanted but definite on what she did not want. I was glad that she chose a Cathleen Jia gown and experience. Seeing the photos makes everything seem even more worth it!

The wedding was in a picturesque little town called Murchison, where the little barn her reception was held was only just in time for the celebration. It had a beautiful rustic atmosphere, and the plants and nature that were used as décor were absolutely stunning and gave the venue a comfortable environment.

Words from the bride:

“Once the venue was booked, I spent one day searching for a dress. Prior to visiting Cathleen Jia, I went to a place that stocked various designer dresses. I was very unsure of what I wanted but knew what I didn’t want. The lady was unsure how to help me and I was tempted to cancel my appointment with you because I’d had enough for one day. Somehow you just knew how to ‘wow’ us. From the moment we walked in you were pinning lace and designing a dress I couldn’t have even imagined. It was just perfect. I couldn’t have asked of anything more.

Our wedding day was full of love and laughter. We celebrated with many close family and friends. It started quite early and we continued the celebrations right through to the evening. Everyone says it flies by so quickly but I disagree as we made ours last forever! It was the perfect way to celebrate and an unforgettable experience.”

I wish Vanessa and Jake a journey filled with happiness.

CJ x

Photographer: Kirk Richards

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