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Real Wedding | Kim & Ben

Kim and Ben rustic church wedding. Featured in Ivory Tribe.

I always love meeting my brides and seeing them at fittings, and Kim was no different. Every time she came to our bridal loft, her entourage was there with her, joking around, teasing each other and creating a warm family atmosphere. The bond between Kim and her family and friends was obvious, and you could tell that she was very loved. Being a part of Kim’s wedding journey was an honor for me. It was extremely nice to see the bride and her entourage just enjoying the experience. This was probably also why I had so much fun at every fitting.

We actually got goose bumps when these amazing wedding photos of Kim and Ben landed in our inbox. Marnie Hawson captured their day so perfectly. Kim looked absolutely radiant in the 4 pieces she put together- Ivana gown, Bambi skirt and Gigi blouse, finished with the Skye veil. The flexibility of our layered bridal separates really allowed Kim to style her own bridal look, which was so important to Kim. It must reflect her personality but at the same time compliments the beautiful venue, Churchill in Taradale.

Words from the bride:

“I tried on all sorts of dresses from different suppliers in both Melbourne and Perth. Some were the typical princess dresses and others were sleek evening gowns. Some made me look too much like a bride (like a meringue) and others, like simply a guest at a wedding.

I honestly liked many of the dresses I tried on but none really fit the feel of our wedding; our personalities, our venue or the ambiance. When I tried on my dress at Cathleen’s there wasn’t a light bulb moment of ‘this is THE one’ rather as time went by; and as I processed, it became clear that it was the ‘right’ dress. The dress was one of the most important decisions for me. My dress had to look like no other dress I had ever worn or will ever wear again but I needed to still feel like myself. Cathleen’s ensemble reflected my personality and character perfectly.

Cathleen is happy and this dictates the whole experience. She is a gentle and patient voice in amongst so many opinions of mothers and bridesmaids.

“Our wedding day went perfectly. I am extremely organized and every detail that I could control went to plan. Yet we were completely unprepared for the onslaught of emotion. There was an inordinate amount of love in the room. At times, it was entirely overwhelming and yet we savored every moment. I felt alive. Every person in our lives that we loved was there and that’s never happened before.

I was quite nervous walking down the aisle until I looked out and saw Ben. He looked so happy and that’s all I really remember. I just kept focusing on him, the whole reason why I showed up. I used to think I knew things about life, like I had a hold on our tiny existence. The older I get the more I have understood that love is all that is left when you peel back the layers. So many things in life are ‘like chasing the wind’, except for love. In that moment as I walked down the aisle toward Ben, I knew nothing but what Emeli Sande puts so well, that “this is us, this is love and this is where I’m home”.

Even just from her words we can tell how much love she received on that day. We wish Kim and Ben all the happiness.

CJ x

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